Get a $10 Amazon Gift Card

Refer a friend or family member to E-file.com & get a 
$10 Amazon gift card when they purchase E-file's software


In order to be eligible for this refer a friend gift card offer, you must agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

You agree that you have permission to email or message the individual users that you are referring with this system.

A referral link should be included in messages sent from this site. Users must use this referral link in order for you to receive a gift card.

There is a limit of one gift cards per user.

Gift cards are only issued for the referral of users who have not yet prepared a tax return with E-file.com for the current tax year and who purchase tax filing software on the E-file.com website.

A user must complete a tax return on the website www.e-file.com in order for you to receive a gift card. Users who do not complete their tax return or request a refund are not eligible for this offer.

All purchases are subject to E-file.com's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
This cannot be combined with any other offer.

If you fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions, your participation in this program and eligibility for gift cards may be void.  
We reserve the right to terminate your participation in this program at any time and for any reason. These Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time and without notice.

How it works: Simply signup here, share with friends or family &
when someone you refer purchases E-file's tax software, you'll be sent a $10 Amazon gift card to your email address.



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